Forgetful souls

So remember the thing in the last post about burning the cookies because I started talking and kinda forgot that something was cookies and the rest of the world existed. Well, oops, I did it again. Except this time, they were not cookies that were burning. But it sure was a good conversation!

This is only day 1, not sure I wanna see what I look like tomorrow :S

But in other news, graduation went wonderfully, we survived the stress of 3 ceremonies. Despite a few moments of intense anger and frustration with a few people (which my loving friends walked me through, promising to bring me missionary books and visit me on Sabbath if I went to jail for killing someone). I was working in organizing and preparing students for the big march. And I’m proud that the group I led completely alone and no one interfered with was the only group completely prepared, completely organized with tassels and bible on the correct sides. If nothing else, my future pastors entered right. Does a (now crispy) heart good.

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