Minute Men Translators

Once again I found myself translating last minute, which is now becoming a specialty. It was fabulous though. We had the closing ceremony here for the Caleb project, a service/evangelism program for youth in which 20,000 young people from all around Peru came to participate in. Our closing ceremony hosted about half of them. And as a special guest, we had with us Pastor Hiskia Missah, Associate Youth Director of the General Conference. And is he fun to work with! 
They showed up, and when I went to greet them I realized he had no one with him explaining what everyone was saying. Poor guy was lost. So I volunteered to show them around campus a bit, and stay by his side explaining what was going on and translating. Well, this also included translating FOR him from English to Spanish on stage (something I was not exactly ready for, but didn’t do too bad of a job if I do say so myself). Not to mention it was great seeing a few familiar faces from my year in Brazil here too. And I’ll admit it made me a bit homesick for Brazil. But it sure is nice feeling something familiar. And it was encouraging to see how many people were there to participate and celebrate together. Well worth working until 10:30pm 🙂

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