Fight or flight

Little known fact: I have few phobias, and most are normal and healthy (except perhaps my fear of vacuum cleaners, thanks a lot Jeffrey Worthington) but I have developed a new phobia here in Peru. It’s probably one of those personal things I shouldn’t share, but hey, why start being shy now?

When you live in certain parts of the world, you begin to recognize the distinct things you should be aware of, though not necessarily develop a deep fear. Here for example, of course it’s important to be aware of crime and cautious when out in public, avoiding areas that are unsafe. It’s also important to keep in mind natural tendencies, because you wouldn’t want to be trapped in Iowa during a snow storm without proper supplies, would you? Well, that’s along the lines of my new phobia. Which I have properly named “Nakiatremblumphobia“, and yes, that is it’s scientific name. 
Nakiatremblumphobia: The fear of changing clothes in public changing rooms for fear of an earthquake hitting while you’re in your underwear and having to evacuate as such. 
I hope all sufferers of Nakiatremblumphobia are now able to come forward as there is a name to their condition. Let us band together and support one another. We are not alone! And some day, if we raise enough money, we can find a cure. Or just buy me my own personal escape route to somewhere private.

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