My Gentleman Caller

Well, here we go breaking my one of my unspoken, self-enforced blog rules. I have tried restricting my blog to the struggles and joys of experiencing life out of my home country (and then back in it, and then back out of it). And throughout this I’ve kept from writing too much about my romantic life or really boys in general. Because let’s face it, no one wants to read a blog of “so, this cute guy smiled at me today” or “so-and-so says so-and-so was asking about me today” and much less “I went to town with a friend today, not sure if it was a friend date or a real date.” Although in some respects, there is the unique experience of being physically different in a foreign land. A lot of people are initially drawn to you because you’re different, both in looks and many times in thinking. And yes, opposites attract, and a lot of people like the mystery of the unknown. However, finding someone sincere is often a struggle.
Anyway, bringing boys into my blog has become inevitable, especially because one of the main purposes of this blog is to keep my family and friends updated on my life from a far. And let’s face it, intercultural dating is a big part of this ‘living in foreign lands’ deal. But the short and skinny of it all is that I’m a lucky gal and I’ve found a fella that makes me happy. And I want you all to know him too, since you can’t hang out with him on a daily basis to get to know him, this is the least I can do to let you all into my life and see a glimpse of what I’m living. Not to mention the fascinating lessons we will all learn together about the challenges of intercultural dating (please do NOT read as “Angela will spend all of her blog now telling us about the arguments and cultural misunderstandings she may have with her boyfriend).
Well family and friends, let’s take a look at my new beau through my eyes. I introduce you to Daniel Taipe (read “TIE-pay”). While most of this information is in random order, I will start with the most important first. He makes me happy and he treats me far better than I deserve. Now, moving on to the basics, he’s Peruvian, older than me, yet under 30, works in advertising, is just a smidgen taller than me, he is the youngest of two (but he’s not the kind of youngest that I am, meaning he isn’t an attention grabber) and I would easily describe him as a caregiver/protector personality.
Now instead of throwing out lots of impressive adjectives about him, I’d rather give examples about his amazing character. When we walk on the sidewalk he always walks between me and the road, something I take as a sign of a good man because my brother also does that. When I’m sick he always asks if I need him to ask off work and come take care of me. He always walks on the white lines in the cross walk with me, even when his friends are watching (and laughing). Whenever we’re in a group, he asks with his eyes if I’m doing ok or if I want to leave. He always offers his hand when I’m getting out of a cab or bus (something he did naturally even before we were dating). He has, more than once, showed up to surprise me at my door with bags full of groceries. He teaches Sabbath School and is a faithful elder at church. When in stores, I can’t say “hey, that’s pretty” in front of him, because I’ll then have to spend the next 10 minutes trying to talk him out of buying it for me, which reminds me very much of my father. He listens very openly to my most wild opinions, but isn’t afraid to tell me his opinion if they don’t match. He’s showed on more than one occasion that he’ll stand up for me against anyone. The other day I was talking a bit emotionally about my sister (yeah, I love her) and his first reaction was “Do you want to call her? What’s her number?” He lets me listen to Adventures in Odyssey (although he doesn’t have much choice about that really). He asks every few days, “Have you talked to your mom recently? Or Julie?” He pays when he takes me out. He prays for me.
Now this is a very quick overview of who he is, and honestly I have so much more to learn too. Although we’ve known each other for longer, we’ve only been dating a little over a month. And again, I wish each of you could sit down and spend time with him to see what I see every day. But until then, I’ll do my best for you to get to know him through our experiences together. But overall I’m excited that this brown bag adventure has become an adventure for two. 

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  1. Ilean says:

    Congrats to you both y que Dios los bendinga! It makes me so happy to hear that a God fearing man is making you happy. You deserve it! I can't wait to hear more xoxoxo


  2. Harold says:

    Nice post… it sounds like “Fito” hope y'all are happy! Sorry for snooping around in your blog, but I saw it on my FB feed so I had to check who is this girl that Daniel is dating… 😀 blessings and good luck!! 😀


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