Spreading Happiness since 2012

Whew! Glad I got that “I got a boyfriend” announcement out of the way. I had no idea how I was gonna keep cropping him out of my pictures. We had a great time last weekend. We went to the fountain park to meet up with friends (who we ended up seeing only for about 2 minutes) and as we wandered around snapping pictures in front of colorful fountains, Dani mentioned that his mom never bought him bubbles as a kid even though he always wanted them. I can relate, as I remember as a kid smuggling food into amusement parks in mom’s purse (please don’t report us, we won’t do it again). After all, everything sold within parks tends to be well overpriced. But as the big spender that I am, I decided to put in the extra $3 to get my man some bubbles. His adorable self walked around blowing bubbles into crowds of people declaring “I’m spreading happiness!” and indeed he was. On several occasions we had little children following us giggling in glee as they popped as many bubbles as they could catch. And it was entertaining watching adults walk by trying to look mature and secretly reaching out to pop a bubble or two when they thought no one was watching. I think we all still have a bit of childish spirit in us.

The next day when we met up our bubble wand broke 😦 so instead I used the age of trick of making a bubble wand out of a metal hanger… and the fun continued, this time with bigger bubbles.

Now here’s the question of the day… what does your inner child want to do today? Bubbles? Coloring? Cartwheels (if your body can still handle it that is)? Go wild with some bubble wrap? Crafts? Why not trying something just for the joy of making yourself smile.

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