Onward and upward

And the adventures continue…. 

We continue our search for the most unusual, bizzarre and entertaining moments in Peru. And if we can’t find them, we create them (I’ll admit to singing a Lion King duet in the park on a strange Saturday night stroll). But if nothing else it’s a fun adventure all around, and I keep learning a lot about Peruvian culture. 

My most recent lesson about Peru is their celebration of anniversaries, in this case, of the university. April was anniversary month, and we went through large parties, lots of sports tournaments, lots of uniforms and even a parade (which I thankfully did not have to march in). And they do it big. Peruvian Union University has just completed 93 years of institutional existence, and 29 years as a university. So in the spirit, I put on weird hats, wore a uniform when I had to, and played some sports. Such an interesting little country this is…

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