Take Some Time to Bounce

Can we all agree that life can get to be a bit much sometimes. Maybe it’s great or maybe it’s lousy but sometimes it’s just too much. Let’s just take some time out of the good and the bad all happening right now. When you can, steal a few hours away for yourself. Make some popcorn, maybe grab some candy. Slip into some comfy pajamas and find a soft and welcoming couch. Join me for a viewing of the great “The Absent Minded Professor“. A classic indeed and some good wholesome fun.

If you have only seen Flubber you are missing out. Every once in a while I find it important to step back into a simpler time. Although I do appreciate that I no longer have to head over to the corner video rental store hoping that their selection might include a few good classics. If you get a chance to watch it, let me know. Let’s enjoy the shared experience.

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