Tips to feeling better

1.     Teach someone something new: Maybe it’s the teacher gene in me (thanks a lot mom) but when I get to be the expert about something, anything really, I start to feel better about myself. And the confidence boost helps boost my mood as well.
2.     Accomplish simple tasks: Washing the dishes is not my favorite pastime, but when I am in a bad enough mood, seeing the big pile of dirty dishes turn into clean, usable dishes gives me hope for the future.
3.     Get pretty: Yes, it does make a difference. Take a shower, do your hair different for no reason in particular. Look at yourself in the mirror and just say “wow”
4.     Compliment someone else: There’s nothing more contagious than a smile (except maybe the flu, that is pretty contagious). Making someone else feel good about him or herself is a great way to get yourself smiling.
5.     Bake: This tip is a bit more “me” than of general interest. For me there is something amazing about creating an edible project that you can then share with others.
6.     Turn off the TV: Nothing puts me into neutral faster than those moving pictures. If you can’t stand the silence, put on music instead, because at least with music playing, you are not stuck to a chair.
7.     Youtube videos: Sometimes it is as simple as typing into youtube “How to make myself laugh” Don’t stay long, but look up a few clips that are impossible to keep you with a straight face. I personally cannot resist “laughing yoga

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