Day 7: Care about Quality

My new self-proclaimed “looking away from the screen” project at work is to read through this small book called Health and Wellness: Secrets that will change your life to find sharable quotes for social media. I’m on chapter 6 entitled “You Are What You Think” and I’m sure my thoughts could be a lot more positive.

There is some great content in this book, really there is. The only problem is that on about the 3rd page, the pages started falling out. Now each time I turn a page, it falls out. And I promise you that I’m not just a violent reader. I treat all books with care and admiration, so there’s no need to turn me in for abuse. But there’s something about this book that has it falling apart. I thought maybe it was just my book, but when I went to see a friend’s copy the same thing happened.

Now to be fair to the publisher, this book was made to be as inexpensive as possible, so that people could buy many copies to share with their friends. They end up costing just under $2.50 a piece, which is a deal for over 100 pages of valuable information.

But as I watch each page fall silently from it’s place, I can’t help but wondering how much extra it would have cost to keep that from happening. And that’s a big deal coming from someone like me who grew up in a family of thrift store deal hunters. But my lesson for day 7: It’s important to care about quality. In my mind, it is now hard to separate the poor quality material from the great content. I may agree with everything and want to share the content with my friends, but I’d be embarrassed to give them a book I knew was going to dissolve in their hands. This is probably an attitude I need to adopt to many areas in my life. In what areas do you feel you need to increase the quality in your life?

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