Day 19: Limits of solidarity

I’m married to a fabulous man. He would do anything I asked, which is probably why I’m very careful what I ask. Tonight I probably ask too much as he is helping me with some work. He’ll probably be up most of the night finishing it, and then the rest of the night he has his own work to finish. I’m always amazed at his limitless love and dedication, though some may just see it as silliness. 

And here I lay, way past my bedtime, exhausted, with little to no way to be helpful in the whole process, and yet it feels next to impossible to go to sleep. What is it about teamwork that keeps us from being able to walk away. I remember this exact feeling from group projects in school. There was absolutely nothing for me to do, but still I sat there. So tonight’s lesson is almost purely cerebral. 
Day 19: There are limits to solidarity. I don’t mean at all to downplay the powerful contribution of being there for someone. As a woman I find that most of the time when I am upset I just want someone to be there, not necessarily saying or doing anything particular. But there is an element of trust in some cases that cannot be ignored. I trust my husband can work well even while I’m asleep. I also trust that if there were something I could do to help, he would tell me. He wouldn’t want me losing sleep, being tired tomorrow, etc just to worry about him. So off to sleepland I go, full of love, gratitude, and trust for my better half. 

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