Day 24: Goals

I’m on day 24 of this end-of-the-day retrospective adventure. That’s long enough to have established a habit, right? It’s either 21 days or 3 months. That was not my lesson for today, so I don’t know. But one thing I have learned is that: Goals beget goals. I created one goal, publically, to reflect on my day and document one thing I learned. Some days I am lazier than others (see days 23, 14 & 11 so far). But I’m really starting to appreciate the whole process. Interestingly though, I’ve noticed myself setting more daily goals than before. I’ve set a few for my health, some others for my own well being, and even a few for self improvement. So far though, my goals are not “read 20 more books a year” or “lose 20 pounds by April,” but more along the lines of “read a chapter a day” and “take 10,000 steps a day.” I know a lot of people who are awesome with long-term planning and delayed gratification. I am not one of them. I need to feel like I accomplished what I needed to accomplish today. And honestly my goals are to incorporate good practices into my daily life, not necessarily a final weight, number of books, etc. Maybe that’s something about myself to work on, but for now I just want today to be more productive and better for me. What are good practices you need to add to your life?

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