Days 44-50: Vacation catch-up

I’ve been in this magical, black hole of magical time known as Christmas break. We get a wonderful rest between Christmas and New Year, from work. So in some sense, I’ve taken a personal break as well. There’s something incredibly restorative about rest. Here’s a bit of what I’ve learned during my slight sabbatical. 

Day 44: The spirit of Christmas is often found in traditions that transcend the present moment. 

Day 45: Blessings are often given in order to share. 
Day 46: There are simple, unexciting moments that out “special” a trip taken simply to brag. 
Day 47: Mom’s bedside chats are the best. 
Day 48: There’s always going to be work left to do, choose to put it in its proper place. 
Day 49: When you reach the end, it’s worth taking time for reevaluation. Last day of 2014!
Day 50: Learning doesn’t just come from books. Sometimes it comes from Pinterest 🙂

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