Panama here I come

Tomorrow I’m off on another adventure. But this time I’m leading others through an adventure that helps expand their world. I get to chaperone high schoolers as we all go build a church for our church family in anther part of the world. 

I put on my fake wedding ring. It was a familiar feeling when I’m going to travel. I’ve slipped a ring on my own finger many times to keep from receiving the advances of men on a trip. Though now I wear it because it’s simpler and much cheaper than my real one. Steal it if you wish, but it’s only worth $20. But this time, even this cheap ring really means something. It means there’s a wonderful man waiting at home for my return. It means there’s someone who I’ll be thinking about, who’s keeping my heart in my home country. That’s new for me. 
And that’s when it hit me. This isn’t a new adventure. Well, it is, but it’s not that I’ve been sitting home waiting for a chance to escape the country (this time), but every day of my life is an adventure. I have a awesome family in a fabulous part of the world, and every day is new and special. 
So the special part of this trip isn’t that I am leaving the country or going to a land where English isn’t spoken. It isn’t even that I get to drink chicheme again (I hope). The real adventure is that I get to share what my adventures have taught me with a group of selfless young people. I get to be there as they experience new things, learn a bit more about the world and ultimately change a bit of who they are by opening themselves up to the possibility that there are problems out there bigger than their own. 
Que Dios nos guíe. 

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