The value of a co-worker

Let’s be honest, every single job has its moments of frustration. Some have them much more often than others. Let me stop there before I start complaining. The world is negative enough without having to putting more of that out there.

All smiles before we collapse
But recently we’ve been working on a preparing a series of meetings here at our headquarters. And by “we” I very much mean other people on my team, and I just took notes for the meetings. However, there comes a moment when something like this takes over all of our lives. We reached that point last week and the beginning of the conference. After having gone through a few of these events, it’s interesting how the 3rd day seems to be the point when all of us melt down just a little at one point or another. 
The one thing I’ve realized is that the key to keeping sane in these high-pressure moments is to watch out for each other. Messages went back and forth asking who had been able to eat and who needed food delivered to them personally. The 10-second pauses as we passed each other to ask the loaded question of  “how are you doing” with all the weight and depth possible behind those words. 
Sure, we’re not perfect and not everyone was quite so considerate. But it just takes a few people looking out for each other to create a safe space from the madness going on around them. 

But the few people who looked out for me also gave me a chance to think about someone outside of myself. This shift toward selfless thinking is vital to my own mental strength. I think it’s extremely important to take care of yourself during stress, but selfish thoughts just make me more selfish. It becomes a vicious cycle. I would much rather have someone helping take care of me, allowing me to step up and take care of them.

And when it comes down to it, when you’re with the same people 40 hours a week (at least), isn’t it better to get along? I’m so glad for the team I have.

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